Freebies This Month

Disclaimer: The reiki systems offered here are not intended to replace your physician, nor to be used to diagnose or cure ailments, but are used to relax and promote well-being, which often improves healing.

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Reiki Attunements Available:

Freebies this Month

Order of Lightworkers Manual Attunement What it means to be a Lightworker. Burgunder.
Spiritual Cuddle Attunement A hug when you need it.
Metatron Initiation Attunement Metatron the Angel of Cosmic Order.
Melchizedek Initiation Attunement Melchizedek Cosmic Priest/Prophet.
Spirit Transmission Attunement Power up your attuning ability.
Three Graces Attunement The Classic Graces – Dancing Spirits.
Water Calm Attunement The peacefulness of water.