Shortest and Most Powerful Lineage – Attunements

Shortest and Most Powerful Lineage

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Akashic Angels Attunement Consult your akashic library for advice.
Alien Aura Device Attunement Removes extra-terrestrial devices implanted in you.
Amulets of Kemet Attunement Beautiful stone charms from Egypt bring blessing, health and success.
Basic Usui reiki Attunement Basic Mikao Usui reiki as taught in the West.
Biological Aura Attunement Contact the invisible microbes that support your aura.
Bone Lotion Attunement Soothe your spine, reduce aching backs.
Cippus of Horus Attunement A charm from Isis the Mother goddess of Egypt.
Coco de Mer Attunement Nature empowerment to the coco-de-mer tree of Seychelles.
Colors of Fairies Attunement Color Magic of the Fairies.
Coral Atoll Attunement Nature empowerment to the life of a coral island.
Crystal Skulls Oh My Attunement Funny but factual crystal skull energy.
Creative Tantra Attunement Bring flow to your energy channels.
Dark Angel Stone Attunement Healing of Chrysanthemum Stone for trauma.
Diamond Himalaya Attunement Become a Himalayan Facilitator.
Dhuni Reiki Attunement Find your pure self wandering India.
Dolphin Stones of MU Attunement Illustrated Lemurian energy manual.
Dragon Egg Reiki Attunement Hatch a mystical astral dragon.
Eagle of Samothrace Attunement Male Mysteries of old Greek island.
Enchanted Hedgerows Attunement Romance and magic of hedgerows.
Ethereal Thief Attunement Gypsy faery folk.
Fear Disorders Reiki Attunement How to use energy to help psychological patients.
Gates of Ra Attunement From Egypt the story of Ra’s journey at night.
Gnostic Rose Attunement The story of the Cathar heretics and a loving noblewoman.
Grandmaster Ascension Attunement Grandmaster reiki supplement one with Qi Gong and Grids.
Grandmaster Cedar Temple Attunement Grandmaster reiki supplement three with Cedar energy.
Hawkweed Cold Remedy Attunement Hawkweed and Chicory for healing colds.
Heron and Egret Attunement Nature empowerment to the birds Herons and Egrets.
Humble Fairy Herbs Attunement Fairy herbs of marshmallow calendula clover.
Indigo Kids Attunement New Age belief about Indigo children evolving.
Lineage Tune Up Attunement Keep your reiki lineage strong and flowing well.
Lucky Hoodoo Attunement Colorful Voodoo store energies and fun.
Lullaby Reiki Attunement Get better sleep with the energy of a song.
M92 star cluster reiki Attunement Contact the distant stars of M92 and introduce yourself.
Mithras Smiles Attunement The male mysteries of the Roman legions’ god Mithras.
The Mystic Climb Attunement Kaballa energy of the Mediterranean as you feel it.
Nine Witches Attunement The Original Witches of Avalon in France.
Orgone Diffuser Attunement Modern Energy Diffusers, Guard your home.
Pachamama Aura Attunement South American Shaman energy. Mother Earth Pachamama.
Pale Green Muscovite Stone Attunement Soothing and healing with green mica.
Paws and Butterflies Attunement Mystic South America with jaguars and butterfly energy.
Polar Sky Attunement Explore the atmosphere above the north pole and angels.
Seven Lucky Gods of Japan Attunement Traditional lucky gods of Japan.
Sexual Antler Reiki Attunement Reiki for male potency. Very powerful.
Softly Kundalini Attunement Common sense guide to Kundalini and gTummo.
Starseed Bundle Attunement Starseed Energy Bundle, very new age.
Steady There Teddybear Attunement Healing for panic attacks and children.
Te Exorciso Attunement Use energy to disperse negative beings you meet.
Templar and Troubador Attunement The story of the Knights Templars and Minstrels.
Tibetan Sunrise Attunement A mystic pilgrimage through Tibet with good energy.
Vajrasattva Bronzedragon Attunement A ritual energy to remind us of True Self.
Water and Stones Attunement Yin and Yang energy makes beauty. Nature energy.
Whale Spiral Song Attunement Whale songs and the galaxy.
Who Am I Reiki Attunement Profound and simple return to True Self. Good!